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EMA Green Lifestyle Show 2012

Don’t Break It, Until.....We SEE or HEAR It!

As the leader in the plumbing industry Plumbing Solutions is always incorporating new technology into the services which we offer to our customers. As such, we are pleased to introduce three innovative pieces of equipment, the Gen-Eye GL Pipe Inspection Camera, the Rigid CA-300 Handheld Camera, and the Gen-Ear LE to our already extended range of equipment.

Gen eye plumbing toolThe Gen-Eye GL Pipe Inspection Camera system allows us to troubleshoot lines in sizes of 2” – 10”. It is ideal for the inspection and preventative maintenance of sewer and drain lines, septic tanks, and crawl spaces. We have the capability of finding problems before cutting or breaking concrete, tiled or finished areas. This system allows us to inspect various types and sizes of pipes up to a distance of 400 ft.

CA 300 plumbing cameraThe Ridgid CA-300 allows us to do the same but in much smaller lines, which tend to clog internally, i.e., shower drains, or sink and bath waste (smaller diameter lines).

The Rigid CA-300 Camera eliminates the guesswork and reduces the amount of time required to detect and diagnose the unreachable. It sends live images back to a high visibility digital LCD display allowing for detailed visual inspections. It is able to locate problems before they occur, see inside pipes and walls, and pinpoints mechanical failures and documents findings for further analysis. The Rigid CA-300 Camera – See It, Find It, Solve It!

These camera systems are the future. They save us time, and save the customer money by not having to break or destroy areas both inside and outside of the home, office or commercial space. This high tech digital technology tells us exactly where the pipe is and how deep it is located. Our trained technicians have the ability to identify problems and find solutions, quickly and efficiently without having to damage anything.

The built-in on-screen distance counter tells us how far the camera has travelled so we know exactly where the area needs to be excavated so we can repair the pipe. These inspection systems are the “toughest tools down the line”.

The Gen-Ear LE is an amplifier which has various components that allows us to detect leaks in residential and commercial water lines, whether they are under concrete slabs, in walls, swimming pools and hot tubs. It also allows us to detect the gurgling or hammering of water escaping from a cracked pipe under concrete, asphalt or tile as well as leaks in soft surfaces like grass or carpet. The Gen-Ear LE will save a lot of guesswork and unnecessary digging, and in turn, saves the customer a lot of money.

Guy using Gen-Ear LE amplifier Guy using Gen-Ear LE amplifier Gen-Ear LE amplifier

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