Children's Visit to Plumbing Solutions

On Tuesday 6th, December Plumbing Solutions experienced the joy of Christmas! We were visited by our neighbours, the children of UWI’s Laboratory Pre-School. The Plumbing Solutions staff joined the children in singing and dancing to Christmas Carols and Parang. In keeping with our tradition of giving especially at this time of year, the children received gift bags filled with Christmas treats.

To the teaching staff and children at UWI’s Open School, thank you for making our Christmas season merry and bright!

ByoPlanet International, LLC (ByoPlanet)

Byoplantet logoA leader in the elimination of health-threatening pathogens, has affiliated itself with Plumbing Solutions, who will now be the exclusive distributor of ByoPlanet products and services in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, Antigua, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, Jamaica, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St. Lucia, and St. Maarten.

The ByoPlanet antimicrobial process is highly effective in the elimination of harmful bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, Norovirus, E. coli, H1N1, Salmonella enterica, HIV, Staphylococcus aureus, Legionella pneumophilia, Hepatitis B&C, Aspergillus niger, and many more. ByoPlanet uses a patented electrostatic spraying system together with an earth-friendly hospital grade disinfectant to provide complete and cost effective coverage of sprayed areas. The mist produced by the electrostatic sprayers contains negatively-charged droplets with a diameter less than one-half the width of a human hair. These droplets are propelled through the sprayer’s nozzle and, using principles of physics follow electrical field lines, are attracted to surfaces with an unlike charge. This means droplets will reverse direction and even move upwards and around objects with a force of attraction 75 times that of gravity. This superior application system provides coverage of hidden surfaces that other systems miss. The ByoPlanet process is ideal for homes, schools, healthcare, cruise ships, long-term care facilities and any indoor environment that can host health-threatening pathogens.

Besides the elimination of viruses and bacteria, the ByoPlanet process is also effective in eliminating odors caused by fire, tobacco smoke, urine and mildew. Odors are destroyed on a molecular level through oxidation, rather than by the use of masking agents.

The active ingredient in the chemical applied by ByoPlanet is Chlorine Dioxide, which was used during the 2001 Anthrax attacks to decontaminate buildings and during the Hurricane Katrina cleanup to eliminate mold. The ecologically sensitive chemical is EPA approved with the lowest toxicity rating (Category IV) available for a disinfectant in the Ingestion, Dermal, and Inhalation categories.

“ByoPlanet is committed to finding and bringing to market innovative solutions that confront the microbial challenges faced in today’s society. The association with Plumbing Solutions, an industry leader in providing quality services and green solutions, is a natural fit for us as we expand the reach of our products” said Rick O’Shea, President of ByoPlanet International, LLC.

“We are extremely pleased to be affiliated with a company such as ByoPlanet which has such a highly effective and unique process that makes our indoor environments much safer” said Scott Fabres, Managing Director of Plumbing Solutions. “Besides being more effective than traditional application methods, companies will find the ByoPlanet process of disinfection to be faster and more cost effective as less chemical and labor is needed to treat an area” continued Fabres.

About ByoPlanet

ByoPlanet, based in Sunrise, Florida was formed in 2010 to address microbial and odor removal challenges primarily facing the cruise industry. ByoPlanet has since expanded its client list to include restaurants, schools, cleaning service providers, and others. To learn more about the ByoPlanet process, click here.

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